Police arrest men accused of attempting to throw explosives at ‘Thuglak’ editor’s residence

Mylapore police say they have arrested six young men who are accused of attempting to fling crude explosive substances into the Mylapore residence of S. Gurumurthy, RSS ideologue and editor of ‘Thuglak’ Thamizh magazine.

The incident took place in the early hours of Sunday and the acts of the accused, said to be members of a pro-Periyar organisation were captured on the CCTV cameras installed in Gurumurthy’s residence in Thyagarajapuram, Mylapore.

The accused are said to have abandoned their plan when police posted at Gurumurthy’s residence sighted them. CCTV images helped the police locate the men who made the attempt.

At a recent event held in the city, celebrating the anniversary of Thuglak magazine where actor Rajnikanth was a special guest, the actor highlighted some controversial acts that took place at a 1971 rally organised by Periyar in Salem.

Sunday’s action by the accused is assumed to be a reaction to Rajnikanth’s speech.


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