Coronavirus: These Mandaveli residents take strict precautions

The residents of Dwaraka Apartments at Raja Street, Mandaveli have imposed a voluntary lockdown on themselves to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Ganga Sridhar, a resident there says, “We have about six flats and the first thing we did is to close all the gates to the apartment and restrict entry and exit. To ensure that our watchman, who is a senior citizen, doesn’t go outside, we have made provisions for him to stay here. All of us take turns to provide him food”.

She continues, “Every thing that delivered to our apartment, including provisions, stays untouched at the designated delivery area for 24 hours before it is taken in by the resident. Most of the maids, except the ones who work for the senior citizens, have been given a paid leave with instructions to stay at home. The maids who do come in have access to hand sanitizers and they are required to use it before entering the house”.

She adds, “While we neighbours do look out for each other, we also ensure that a distance of one metre is maintained whenever we meet”.

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