Grocery stores in Mylapore face shortage in supplies

Grocery stores in Mylapore are facing a shortage in supply of items like rice and dhal after the lockdown.

Says manager of a supermarket on C.P. Ramaswamy Road, Alwarpet, “As people are staying indoors, there is a threefold increase in the demand for items like rice and dhal. These items get sold off as soon as they arrive. However, as our supply is low, we are unable to meet the demand.”

He says they are not receiving sufficient stocks from their suppliers as there is a delay in supply from outside the state’s borders.

Says the manager of another grocery store in Mandaveli, “We are unable to get the ‘essential service’ pass to ply on the road. Hence, vehicles carrying the goods are often stopped and checked by the police. As a result, the supply is getting delayed.”

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