Justice V. Ratnam passes away; legal luminary

Justice V. Ratnam, retired judge of the Madras High Court and Chief Justice of the Himachal High Court passed away this morning ( May 23) at his residence at Pelathope, Mylapore.
He was a legal luminary with a sharp intellect.
His father Justice Viswanath Sastri was also a judge of the Madras High Court, a legal luminary and went on to be an extremely successful Supreme Court lawyer.
Originally hailing from Mannargudi, the family had been in Pelathope for almost a century. He is survived by wife and daughter.
– News shared by advocate Ramkumar / Pelathope. More updates will be made later today.
Do share your life experiences with him if you knew him well

6 Comments on “Justice V. Ratnam passes away; legal luminary”

  1. I will be missing some one who was a friend and guide, to whom I could go for advice and follow. We had lost touch after my transfer out of Madras. What came to my mind immediately was his sense of humour. Once I happened to meet him in the house of my class mate Dr Chandrasekar who had his dental clinic in front and he said: “So your friend called you to show you a lion without teeth?”. My memory of my visits to Pelathope in my college days has become dim but I was pleasantly surprised that Padmini remembered me. I am sure his spirit will protect and guide his family as always.

  2. We are saddened by the demise of our dearest family friend Justice.Sri. V.R We pray that his soul rests in peace.
    Condolences to Mrs Padmini Ratnam and Mrs Uma and grand children.
    S.Chandrasekaran s/o late S.Somasundaram Advocate

  3. He looks like a Lion in the court. An unapproachable person.l had some opportunities to appear before him on behalf of my senior. My heartfelt condolences. Dhanapal Panneerselvam.

  4. I knew Justice Ratnam when he was an Acting Chief Justice of the Madras High Court. He was very kind to juniors and encouraged them a lot. I remember doing my first case before his Lordship. His kind attitude made me feel at ease and I managed to present the case well and even win the same.

  5. A judge of great impeccable rectitude,razor sharp intellect,profound legal lore and a man with a large heart,that housed no ill will.justice Ratnam personified the essence of perfect judge.my father used to say his rough exterior concealed a soft,humane innerbeing..he was a jack fruit..the rough exterior was only to ward off opportunists getting closer..justice Ratnam was very understanding to the most needy..nothing could sway his path of judicial righteousness..the Madras law fraternity has lost an admirable,rare judge..may his soul rest in peace..

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