Two pups await adoption . . .

Would you like to adopt a pup of a mongrel which has been lovingly cared for by a Mandaveli family?
Then you will need to ping Vijayalakshmi Sivakumar.

Four little ones came into this world recently and soon after the Sivakumars made it publicly known that the pups were up for adoption, there were a stream of queries.

Now, two little doggies have found new homes. Two others  are awaiting their fortunes ( one of them is seen in this photo, shared by the Sivakumars).

Says Vijayalakshmi, who spends time creating little works of crafts like quilling and also sells her products and takes orders, “We took care of the mother both pre and post delivery. So the puppies are very healthy. They look cute and lovely!”

Some eager calls came from across the city but since distance was a problem, those people are taking time to confirm adoption.

To query, message her Vijayalakshmi at her Facebook page –


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One Comment on “Two pups await adoption . . .”

  1. Hope they get adopted , despite the gender bias!
    Females will wait longer and eventually adopt the foster parent. It happened to me with kittens and now I am adopted by 5 kittens I rescued with aim to give them in adoption!!
    Males wil get adopted very soon.
    Black ones wait and then adopt fosterers!!

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