Children can take walks, exercise but must practise social distancing, says Dr. Benny, paediatrician

With schools closed, children have not had the opportunity to socialize with their friends or go out and play. Now that things are slowly getting back to normal, they can exercise as long as they maintain social distancing, says Dr. Benny Benjamin, a paediatrician who runs a clinic at C. V. Raman Road, Alwarpet.

He says, “If parents are going to meet their relatives at their homes, probably a small group, children can be taken along.

“Avoid containment zones and crowded places. Children can go for a walk or jog or cycling or whatever is feasible for the child. But whenever they go out, they must wear a mask and maintain social distancing. Children need not wear masks when they are exercising and should be under parental supervision. If and when they stop to talk to someone they can wear a mask. As soon as they come home, they must have a good wash”.

Children, he says, should now be allowed to lead as normal a life as possible unless they have co-morbidities like uncontrolled chronic asthma, immuno-deficiencies or other co-morbidities.

1. Maintain a positive attitude.
2. Understand your child’s needs and try to fulfill them as much as possible.
3. Discipline is important with some leeway.
4. A schedule must be maintained and exercise should be a part of the schedule.
5. Home food is preferred but there is nothing wrong with children indulging in their favourite food sometimes.
6. Must have healthy diet which includes fruits, vegetables and adequate proteins.