Utility posts erected on pavements of San Thome High Road; pedestrians complain

If you reside on or off San Thome High Road, you may have noticed that its pavements sport electric/ utility/ cable poles erected in the middle of the footpath.
Recently, a new set of utility poles have been erected on the pavement of this busy road.
This photo shows the post on the pavement near TN Nursing Council office, south of CSI St Thomas Tamil Church.
Benny Thomas, a resident of Venkataswamy Street, San Thome says that many such poles were erected recently at night time.
“It is difficult for pedestrians to make use of the existing space of the footpath  which is narrow in most parts and now, people erect posts right here. Who has given them permission?”
Benny says he has raised a complaint on the Chennai Corporation website – vide no (complaint no- 635JRD) and he hopes the issue is addressed urgently.

One Comment on “Utility posts erected on pavements of San Thome High Road; pedestrians complain”

  1. I have seen and even experienced the inconvenience. in some uneven ragged difficult use footpths, one is forced to walk on roads in dangerous ways. Vehicles coing from behind may hit and then during rains its extremely dangeous as roads are flooded.

    Hope these poles are removed soon. Else they will take responsibility if any accidents occur!!

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