Mylapore police get a new open air space to walk

Policemen at Mylapore Police station now have a new open air space to walk.

The station’s terrace has recently been re-painted and is lined with potted plants. An 8 shaped pattern is also painted on its ground to facilitate walking.

Said a woman police, “As we deal with a number of crime/law and order cases every day, we always feel stressed. So our DCP G. Shashank Sai came up with the idea of using this space for walking.”

She says that the 8 shaped pattern was painted here a few weeks ago. “Since then, all of us staff take turns to walk on it. Just spending 10 minutes of our time on the terrace makes us feel relaxed and rejuvenated.”

Although the police have a gym on the ground floor of the station, they say walking at the open-air space is ‘something special’.

Adds Sukumar, Head Constable, “Soon, the DCP is also planning to keep exercise equipment on the terrace and turn it into a mini open-air gym.”

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