Mada St. flower-seller’s little speaker markets mozha-malli

The pandemic situation impacted the way hawkers did business. More started pushing carts or cycling down local streets and sending up veggies in baskets to your second floor so contact was minimised.

Others fitted audio systems to their carts and played recorded messages to get you out to shop.

The small, new marketing tactics continue.

Look at Kalyani, flower-seller who sits alongside Sri Kapali Temple tank, on South Mada Street.

Her consistent call-out – “Pathruva mozhamalli, pathruva mozhamalli!” gets you to cross the road and buy it from her.

Only when you come closer to the stall do you realise that it is a neat little microphone – enhancing the sound of a recording.

Gets the call going even as she attends to work. It’s another point altogether that the repetitive, recorded hawking calls triggers a small headache.

  • Report and photo by Saundarya Rajesh

One Comment on “Mada St. flower-seller’s little speaker markets mozha-malli”

  1. Finally everyone is getting hi tech.

    Technology is coming handy to prevent covid by getting sales done by recording.

    Guess that mike is am idea used inside factories to alert workers amid huge ear splitting noise!!

    Great that small folks are thinking differently to make sales!! Particularly admiring this woman’s understanding about transmission and going an extra mile to curb it.

    Hope she wears mask , gloves and serves as an example to gross violators!!

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