Mylapore crematorium with new facility may open only after May 31

The. crematorium in Mylapore will be functional only after May 31.  It awaits new equipment and accessories from a Coimbatore supplier now and setting up the new facility will take some 3/4 days.

The new facility will use  liquified gas to burn dead bodies.

However, the team which handles bodies here says that even with use of gas, it needs at least 100 minutes to burn a body and that a maximum of 8/ 9 bodies can be burnt here and pushing them to burn more due to the current conditions may only cause breakdown of the system.

The facility has been shut to the public for over 4 weeks after the old one broke down. The priority moves made by Chennai Corporation has helped hasten the setting up of the new facility.

This place, located off Dr. R. K. Salai gets bodies of people who die of health problems as well as those who were affected by Covid. All protocols are followed and in case of the Covid dead, and the staff here informally hand over some ash to the mourners who request for it.

Meanwhile, burials are taking place here.


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