Steady stream of people at GCC’s Alwarpet centre to get the jab. Tokens exhausted quickly every day.

It looks like Chennai Corporation has chosen to focus on the vaccination process at the Alwarpet centre and relieve the GCC health centres elsewhere in the Mylapore zone of this work.

Reason why while the Alwarpet operations which were run at the GCC school in Bheemanapet are always on stream and the place remains busy, while people seeking the jab in the GCC centre on Appu Street off San Thome are told to head to the Alwarpet centre.

However, the demand for the jab is still good – in fact, everyday, tokens issued to people who walk-in to get the jab get exhausted under an hour at the Alwarpet centre on Bheemana Street.

This morning, this was the case.  20 doses of Covaxin and 200 doses of Covishield were supplied here and there were people seated in three classrooms, awaiting their turn at the two counters where nurses give you the jab.

A GCC staff here said that they get a steady stream of people and have their hands full on all mornings.

Tokens are issued after about 8.30 a.m. and the vaccination starts after 9.30 a.m.

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