Stray dogs cause problems in Rohini Gardens

Mary Clotilda, a resident of Rohini Gardens, R. A.Puram says that the stray dogs a menace in this colony is getting on the nerves of many residents and wants GCC to act.
She says that during the lockdown for the pandemic, there has been an increase in stray dogs in the area.

“We have made frequent complaints to Chennai Corporation, they catch these dogs and leave them back in the same area after castration. We are informed that this is the process as per a High Court decision. But there needs to be a control on the increasing count,” she says in an e-mail.

“They bark all the time, follow people and vehicles that pass by, especially at nights and we are afraid of them biting people and causing harm,” she continues.

One Comment on “Stray dogs cause problems in Rohini Gardens”

  1. Sir,
    Indian parliament and legal systems are based on the British systems.The laws regulating the urban local bodies were enacted during the British rule. British people were always kind and generous towards pet animals.However ,they made very clear provisions in the laws , only to allow, licenced dogs in the municipal areas. Even now the British have their strict regulations on this issue.They never wanted the stray animals to roam freely in the streets. Now, due to some animal activists and judicial verdict no action is being taken under municipal laws and stray dogs are roaming freely. It is needless to say that in India, lot of people are, dwelling in streets without food, and whereas , and the interest shown towards such people are very much less than the interest shown towards stray dogs.The neglect of various regulations, orders of courts , to keep and regulate stray dogs, resulted in to increase in the number of stray dogs.Human life can not be put into risk, in the name of animal welfare.

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