Huge yet-to-be developed plot in Pattinapakkam is now dump for debris, garbage

Nature has a way of regaining spaces. And man finds ways to violate them.

This is best illustrated in a patch of land in Pattinapakkam, on the seaward side.

This patch is partly in land that once held numerous residential blocks housing state government staff; the old blocks were knocked down some years ago and plans for its development have popped up and down.

But the patch on the eastern end, with scrubs, wild vegetation and low-lying water spots where rainwater accumulated became the home or feeding ground for a variety of birds, more so in the latter part of the year. Birds are seen homing in in the Adyar estuary, Adyar Poonga and Pattinapakkam area at this time of the year.

However, with no signs of re-development of this huge plot of land, which was once fronted by the famed Foreshore Estate arch, the gateway to this colony, many private people are dumping construction waste all over.  Garbage is also dumped in what is now no-mans land.

Now, the vegetation and the water pools have gone and birds just fly around.


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