This nagar is now fitting smarter cameras to upgrade its public security system

The community of Jeth Nagar in Mandaveli is getting smart.

Its association, Jeth Nagar Residents Association ( JERA ) is slowly replacing the first-gen security cameras fixed in the streets of this nagar located off Venkata Krishna Road, with IP cameras.

This costs a bit but it saves the aches of facing problems of cut or stolen cables and enables sharper images.

JERA’s senior member Ravi Nandyla says that JERA decided to upgrade the CCTV systems, street by street over time to enable residents to pool the costs, since the bills are stiff.

The community has realised the value of community security system over time. In a year, some six small crimes committed on the Sringeri Mutt Road fringe of the area could be cracked by the police using images recorded on the CCTV system here.

“We have not had any crimes in recent times,” asserts Ravi.


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