At Panguni fest, continuing a tradition at adhikara nandi vahanam

The Mylapore Trio organised an event held in front of silver-plated Adhikara Nandi vahanam at Sri Kapali Temple on March 10.

Every year, a special pooja is organised on the eve of the Adhikaara Nandi procession by the Thandarai Vaidhyar family – who are the donors of the silver kavacham of the vahanam, having done this1917.  This family has been closely associated with The Mylapore Trio’s (Amarnath, Surendranath, Aparna) foster parents, late Sumukhi and Rajasekharan.

 At the pooja, Sugathan danced before the vahanam, dancing to the songs “Kaana Kankodi Vendum… Adhikaara Nandhi Sevaithanai” and “Naagendra Aaharaya”.

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