Does your colony need rainwater recharge wells to tap flood water? Contact this organisation now.

Akash Ganga Trust/ Rain Centre which is based in Adyar, in the last two decades, has been deeply involved in
popularising, promoting and propagating rainwater harvesting (RWH) particularly in urban areas.

Now, it plans to undertake small works in areas like Mylapore zone to sink recharge wells along streets / street corners in colonies where floodwater stagnation is severe, more during monsoons.

Sekhar Raghavan who heads the Rain Centre says Akash Ganga Trust has recently obtained a grant from a corporate and Rotary Clubs under District 3232 to dig recharge wells (RCW) in public spaces such as
on the sides of roads, parks, playgrounds etc.

Sekhar says these recharge wells play a dual role of flood mitigation and recharging the groundwater table.

The recharge wells will be 3 feet in diameter and 15 feet deep, and provided with 3 inches thick RCC perforated lid. The cost of each recharge well is Rs. 23,000 (all inclusive).

Sekhar is looking out for individual residents and Residents’ Welfare Associations in the Mylapore zone interested in mitigating water stagnation, harvesting runoff water on their streets, and improving groundwater table in their localities.

What you need to do: Get in touch with Rain Centre. The first ten callers will get the RCW free of cost and the next ten callers with a 50% subsidy.   Residents should suggest the location in public spaces only, which are prone to flooding/waterlogging.

Residents are also requested to inform the Assistant Engineer, GCC of the local ward and get his approval and through him ensure that the location is free of power cables, Metrowater and sewer lines. It will be useful if the resident
can find out the groundwater level around the proposed location.

For more details contact Sekhar Raghavan, Director, Rain Centre. Mob: 9677043869, email:

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