Couple murdered at their home by house-help/driver. Police arrest accused within hours of crime.

Police cracked the case of the murder of a couple who resided in Dwaraka Colony in Mylapore less than 6 hours after the dastardly crime was committed.

Police said they worked on the leads they got at the crime spot and from the phone call records of the suspects and located them in Ongole in Andhra Pradesh, where they were arrested.

The couple – Srikanth and his wife Anuradha – had flown back from the USA where they had been with their daughter; they had been picked up at the airport at about 3.30am on Saturday and had been driven home by their Nepalese driver-house helper who had been in their employment for many years.

When the couple’s daughter kept calling them on their phones to query about their arrival, she had found their phones were switched off; she then alerted a relative in the city and when. the relatives arrived at the couple’s residence in this colony which is located off Royapettah High Road’s eastern side in the Jammi complex zone, they could not find the duo; that is when they alerted the Mylapore police.

Investigation started from the residence. Police tried to reach the driver but his phone was switched off. They also found that the safe and cupboard at the couple’s home had been broken open.

The call records of the driver were tracked and hours later, he and his accomplice were arrested in Andhra.

Police say that the driver and his associate struck the couple with a heavy implement soon after the couple had stepped into their house. The blows were fatal and the duo were killed in the house.

The accused had cleaned the house of blood stains and then bundled the dead into the car, driven down to a guest house near Mamallapuram and buried the bodies in a pit and then left the city.

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