Mylapore Times Kolu Contest: date extended to Sept.30, 9 p.m. Mail entries –

The Mylapore Times Kolu Contest has received 43 entries as of Sept. 28, 9 am.  But since many many families request for a smll postponement, the contest closes now on Sept.30, 9 p.m.

This will allow families who have created some great kolus to shoot 2/3 photos of their creations and mail the entry.

Mail to –

Meanwhile, a Mylaporean craftsperson, Vijaylakshmi from Mandaveli has delievred what afre creative little trophies that will be given to 10 Best Kolus – 5 for traditional ones, 5 for creative side sets.

This besides a set of prizes offered by Mylapore businesses.

All people who signed up will get a little souvenir too – by post.