Mylapore Post Office: gap alongside bare staircase poses danger. Users flag danger.

Regular users of Mylapore Post Office noticed though lately that there is a huge gap alongside the stairs inside the office and this poses a danger to seniors and kids here.

Community activist Baskar Seshadri said that a small child walking up the stairs may slip and fall down in the space between the stairs and wall.

He says he wrote to India Post officers in Chennai and in Delhi and has just got a response, saying that for now, a temporary solution will be effected.

But people say that using cardboard or plywood safeguards to ‘cover that space’ may not really address the issue.

In the past, other post office users have pointed out to the problems that senior citizens face while negotiating entry into the office that handles Aadhar Card and other services. The pathway here is uneven and the steps lead downwards.