Parked cars, vans on both sides of Sundareswarar Street trouble hundreds of students using this channel.

Parents of children who attend schools on and off Sundareswarar Street in Mylapore have appealed to the Traffic Police in Mylapore to clear parked cars and vans on this street because it is the main channel for students going to and returning from school.

One parent, wanting to remain anonymous, said that though he had informally asked policemen on duty to clear the vehicles, no action has been taken.

“Now that schools have re-opened and hundreds of students walk, cycle or get dropped here, the Traffic Police are duty-bound to act,” he said.

There are four schools on this street and the main East Mada Street and this channel is abuzz at school opening and closing hours.

Some years ago, private establishments here like R R Sabha barricaded the pavement to discourage people using the spaces as urinals. But no firm action has been taken against taxi / van rental agencies who parked all their cars and vans here.

In recent times, private cars are also being parked here for hours.

Some people say they plan to petition the Chennai Police Commissioner and the officer in charge of traffic in south Chennai since action from local officers is not forthcoming.