Two TASMAC shops near MRTS station in Mylapore shut down

Two TASMSAC liquor vending shops in the heart of Mylapore have been shut down. This is part of the state government’s decision to close hundreds of TASMAC liquor sales shops across the state.

The two shops shut down in Mylapore are the one located in one building which had two shops and another liquor shop which was located metres away.

These shops are located on the other side of the Buckingham Canal which runs alongside the main gate of the Thirumylai MRTS rail station.

All three shops had rousing business through the day, with crowds spilling on to the street here, with people drinking in the open.

Since the lone liquor shop open for business now expects lots more people henceforth, now that two have bene shut down, workers have put up barricades outside its shutters, to create queues for clients ( seen in the photo here).