Vocalist Gayathri Girish presents her work ‘Abhirami Andadi’. July 22 evening at BVB.

Carnatic vocalist and research scholar Dr. Gayathri Girish and her team are
launching their new project “Abhirami Andadi” on Saturday, July 22 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s  mini hall.

The verses are set to tune by Dr.Rajkumar Bharathi and sung by Gayathri Girish.

‘Marabin Maindhan’ Muthaiah has explained about each andadi.

People can watch the video on this production and listen to the music too – go to Gayathri
Girish’s official You Tube channel.

Abhirami Andadi is a Tamil collection of poems sung on goddess Abirami, the deity venerated
in Thirukkadaiyur Amirtaghatesvarar Sivan Temple in Tamil Nadu. This poetry was composed by AbiramI Bhattar who lived during the 18th century CE, a contemporary to Serfoji-I of Thanjavur.

Andadi is. a classification of  Tamil poems in which last word of a previous verse comes as the first
word of next verse. Thus, this style of poetry got its name thus –  Antam + adhi = Andhadhi

Dr. Sudha Seshayyan, vidwan A.Kanyakumari and Niranjan Bharathi are the key guests at the weekend event.
The even begins with a high tea at 4.30 pm and ends at 6.30 pm.

All are welcome for the event.