Saras’ kolu is wholly of Origami work

How do you create an origami-themed kolu for Navaratri?

For S. Saras of Luz Avenue it is simple. Think of a theme, create origami objects that support it and set up the kolu.

Saras, who has been in the IT sector and is now on a break from work, is a creative person too, having learnt a few crafts over recent years and origami is one of them.

And so, for the past four years and this year, origami dominates the kolu at her residence. She says the children in the apartment block where she resides, who came by were fascinated with the origami work of peacock. parrot, snake and more.

To allow other children and people of the neighbourhood to enjoy the creativity, Saras is shifting the origami  kolu to the Oppilal Music School on Abiramapuram 3rd Street for public viewing – 10 am to noon and 4 pm onwards on Oct.21.

Contact – 9884706710