Chennai Metro; traffic changes impact motorists on first working day

Mylapore woke up on Sunday to a rainy day and the start of major traffic routing changes in connection with Chennai Metro work.

By 7 am, police officers, Metro staff, engineering staff and contract labour were at their posts where traffic diversions have been ordered and launched a soft touch to the changes.

They were told to smile and coax motorists so that there were no flareups on day one.

Their job got a tad tougher on Monday morning as students rushed to schools ( some functioned today) and office goers and the rest zoomed off just to find their life needed some big changes on roads and streets.

The traffic marshals at all junctions are keeping their cool and re directing traffic.

On the run, some small changes are being made – an activist suggested P S Senior students be allowed access to the school zone though a pathway was cut off; that was done.

Venkatesa Agraharam Street, one of the key funnels to take heavy traffic needs stiff changes – removal of all hawker stalls and barricades of the temple, relaying potholed sections – says activist C S Baskar.

More small changes are being made as the day progresses.

3 Comments on “Chennai Metro; traffic changes impact motorists on first working day”

  1. The traffic diversion is so confusing.
    So many high schools are in and around Mylapore. It pose danger to the school going children. Many children go to school by cycle. The bus moving in the interior roads like Venkatesa Agraharam and Saibaba Kovil road is causing great concern to the parents. Kindly stop this present arrangements till the annual exam.

  2. The unauthorised parkings in kalvi vaaru street behind Vidya mandir school and the shops encroachment in warren road also have to be cleared forthwith. If the authorities want people to have a smooth time then these areas and roads that will see increased vehicle movements have to be cleared

  3. Yes Chennai Corporation have done a good job of placing prominent sign posts as to where the diversions will lead to. Most place the sign boards are in Tamil and English. Made navigation through a maze of roads in Abhiramapuram easy to reach destination. Thank you

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