Obit: T. M. Raman

T. M. Raman, film fournalist and PRO passed away on Oct. 7.

He was 81 and a longtime resident of Mylapore.

A condolence meeting was held subsequently at the Four Frames preview theatre.

Raman was associated with both theTamil and English film industries since the fifties. He had officiated as the PRO of almost all the films of Jackie Chan in the city. In the earlier part of his career, he used to write reviews, articles in the name Tha. Mu. Ra. (Tanjore Muthusami Raman).

He is survived by his wife Savithiri Raman, sons R. Surya Prakash and R. Sathish.

The family can be reached at 5, Periya Palli Street, R. A. Puram. Ph: 98410 99945.

– Reported by R. Surya Prakash.

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  1. Just came across this article today. I am his second son R Sathish, working as Senior Director in CII.

    Mylapore Times is doing a phenomenal job for Chennnai, Mylapore and it’s people.

    My sincere appreciation to all. People like Mr S Muthiah who started Madras Musings and Mr Vincent Dsouza the founder of Mylapore times both of whom my father knew are real assets to the State of Tamil Nadu. Hope the two blesses all from Above.

    As an aside, would be grateful if you can help get me a hard copy of this article. Will be simply delighted to get that honour.

    Also can I get the regular hard copy delivered to No. 5, old no 2, Periya Palli Street, Madavelipakkam, Chennai 6000028


    Sathish Raman

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