Residents of Dr. Ranga Road apartments celebrate 25 years

Life is celebration! When celebration happens in a community, the joy is manifold.

Since its construction in 1987, Aditya Ashwin Apartments of Dr. Ranga Road, has had more than one reason to celebrate.

Here, we live not as 37 different families – but as one large one! The residents of this apartment join hands for various service-oriented activities, such as the bi-annual blood donation camps and distribution of buttermilk during the 10-day-long Arvathimoovar festival.

This community celebrated the silver jubilee over two days. The youngsters cleaned the campus, the teens planned cultural events; the seniors were involved in the management of funds and infrastructure, while the home-makers wove everything together.

On Nov.9, a series of poojas and homams were conducted.

On Nov.10 cultural programmes and entertainment were held. The women came together to walk the ramp, teens danced as two groups and even the middle-aged joined them.

The highlight was a Power Point presentation on the 25 year journey. Dinner was served to 170 people and a game of Housie-Housie wound up the event.

– Reported by Priya Krishnaswamy

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