ICICI Bank branches open counters for Aadhaar Card

ICICI Bank branches in Alwarpet ( C P Ramaswamy Road) and in Mylapore ( E Mada St – N Mada St junction) have begun to offer the biometrics process for the Aadhaar Card as a public service camp.

Bank officers said the camp began on Thursday last.

“We have begun this as a service with the okay from Chennai Corporation,” said Gopalan Dilip Ram, a manager based at the Alwarpet branch.

While those people who live in Division 142 ( old) can go to the Alwarpet branch, those under Division 146 can head to the Mylapore branch.

Both places have created some space in their premises and allowed a counter and staff to operate the biometrics process.

As word went around the area, more people came by to get the job done.

Ram said that the counters will be open from 10am to 5 pm, all days of the week and that they follow the same system that is followed at the other centres.

People though must ensure that they reside in the division that the bank’s centre covers. Others cannot be entertained here.

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  1. Division 146 can go to ICICI Mylapore branch for AAdhar card.
    Census slip and ration card are mandatory..

    Those who dont have census slip what can do is can get the census slip from their neighbours if they have it and get their name checked at the aadhar help desk in the specified place. If their names are there the person at the desk will give new number (10 digit) and proceed with registration.

    We got the process done at ICICI alwarpet as we belong to 142 division. Please get tokens a day in advance at the specified branch.

  2. Those under ward division (old) can go to ICICI MYLAPORE branch in above mentioned address and do the aadhaar card.
    Pls take the following:
    1. Census slip ( this is a must if u don’t have this slip u need to go to chennai corp building in lattice road adyar and request for census slip, they will further advise on this)
    2. Photo and address ID card. Like passport, ration card, licence.
    3. You will give thumb impression, iris copy and photo will be taken by aadhaar personnel.
    4. Check with aadhaar official and Ensure ur Personel data, name address etc are entered correctly in English and tamil.
    5.if available You will need to give your bank account no, branch location.

    Pls allow for 15-20 mins per person in the que.

  3. I am resident of division 146 and in Girija garden, Devadi str.Mylapore, ch-4. and account holder of ICICI Bank Ltd.
    whetherr I can get the aadhar card at this counter


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