Mylapore’s long time social worker C. S. Veeraraghavan passes away

One of Mylapore’s most dedicated community activists and social worker C S Veeraraghavan passed away on Friday, April 4.

A retiree of TN Electricity Board, he was the founder of the Mylapore Academy which was involved in a  host of community activities and headed St John Ambulance which offers medical aid and support at public spaces. He was its secretary for 60 years.

Dressed in the simple full sleeved shirt and veshti, Veeraraghavan directed the Academy in many ways – holding educational projects, medical support for seniors and holding the annual awards event where people like postmen, auto and bus drivers, nurses and teachers were recognized.

He was also involved with Bharat Scouts and Guides.

He is survived by his wife Lakshmi and the family resides at 14A, Kapali Nagar, Mylapore. Call 24642263.


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