Central Mylapore remain dry, temple tanks draw in floodwater

MT RAIN Nageshwarao Park 3People are still wondering – how did central Mylapore remain dry and safe from the deluge of December?

The answer is perhaps in the temple tanks. They received as much of the rainwater as they can.

A day after the December 3 battering, life was completely normal on the mada streets – people were visiting the temples – residents said Sri Velleswarar Temple was as busy as it always it on a weekday.

The vegetable hawkers were up and about on South Mada Street, drawing shoppers from other areas who wanted to stock up for the week.

And there was hardly any water stagnant on the four streets and those around the Chitrakulam.

And to demonstrate the importance of leaving water bodies untouched, Nageswara Rao Park, once a huge pond filled up to crate a community park was once again flooded – very much like the pond it used to be. ( photo of the park shot on Dec.4, 2015)

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