RTO staff, policeman arrested for ‘ganja’ plant attempt on Mandaveli driving school owner

A policeman of Foreshore Estate Police Station and a staffer at Regional Transport Office in Man daveli have been arrested for attempting to frame a local driving school owner by getting a man who drop off ganja packs in the driving school promoter’s car.

When Abhiramapuram police landed at Madhav, the driving school owner’s office based on a plaint that he was peddling ganja he was shocked at the charge. The packs were in his car. But when a senior officer supervised the probe and looked at CCTV footage from cameras around the driving test area in Foreshore Estate where Madhav’s car was parked that morning, they noticed a man dropping off the ganja packs in Madhav’s car.

The culprit was located. He spilled the beans. He has claimed that he was set up by a policeman at Foreshore Estate to do the act. Further investigation showed that a RTO staff was also involved in this act which seems to be a frame-up.

Police are wondering if Madhav was being fixed for issues to do with bribes at the RTO.

This RTO, off St Mary’s Road is located in a dinghy place and is very busy centre.

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