Sri Kapali Temple idol case: court poses difficult questions to Idol Wing Police

The case regarding alleged change and disappearance of an idol of a peacock inside the Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple many years ago ( the charge is that the old idol was replaced with a new one and the whereabouts of the old is not known) is proving to cause much embarassment to the TN Idol Wing Police.

The High Court wants to know if the police made any preliminary investigation on this issue; instead it chose to file a FIR the day a complaint was filed by a Srirangam resident. And an incident that took place in 2004 was being raised in 2014.

A senior sculptor against whom a FIR was filed has gone to court seeking quashing the case. A FIR was also filed against industrialist Venu Srinivasan (m who was temple’s chairman) and a few others.

The court wanted to know if the police would file a case based on surmises made before it.

One Comment on “Sri Kapali Temple idol case: court poses difficult questions to Idol Wing Police”

  1. The so called senior sculptor claimed that the worth of the peacock inside the Punnai Vana Nathar Sannidhi is not worth even Rs. 150/- the weight of the stone!!!

    The name of the Sthapathy is Muthiah who has a Padma Sri.

    It is strange that the article mentions the name of Venu Srinivasan but omits to mention either the name of the petitioner in this case Muthia or the complainant.

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