Karthigai celebration begins; lamps light up steps of tank of Sri Kapali Temple

As the Thamixh month of Karthigai unfolded, traditional celebrations have started at Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple in Mylapore.

On Monday evening, even as the priests performed 108 shakabhishekam inside the temple, Sachidanandan and his family from Villivakkam lit earthen oil lamps on the steps of the temple’s tank’s eastern side.

Sachidanandan says that they have been carrying out this tradition for the past few years.┬áSays Sachidanandan, “Every year, on the first Monday of Karthigai, we light 1008 earthen lamps here.”

People kept streaming inside the temple 4 p.m. onwards to see the shankabhishekam. While this ceremony will take place on all Mondays of this month, 1008 shankabhishekam will be performed on the last Monday of Karthigai.

Karthigai Deepam is on Dec 10. On this day, a temple staff says the Sri Annamalayar sannidhi will be adorned with a special decoration; and special rituals will be performed. On Dec 11. evening, the chokka panai event will take place.