Though temples of Sri Vinayaka remain closed people visit, offer flowers and pray

Sri Vinayaka Chathurthi celebrations have started on a quiet, low profile note across the Mylapore zone this Saturday, August 22 morning.

People began streaming to the closed gate of Sri Navashakti Vinayakar Temple in Luz to pray and offer flowers here ( photo on left).

The morning pujas had been conducted inside by the priest and the temple was shut. People who came here spent time in quiet and left; some left flowers at the gate.

Daily, deepa aradhanai here is being webcast.

The small temple on Warren Road dedicated to Sri Vinayaka, located on private property was closed. People who passed this way, stopped to offer prayers.

The bigger temple in the R A Puram neighbourhood also dedicated to Sri Vinayaka was closed. Inside, priests conducted the regular poojas and some people offered milk and flowers at the gate that was then taken inside.

In regular times, these temples would also host classical music concerts for the fest; not this pandemic season though.