Big rush at Sri Ayyappa Temple. Pandemic rules not observed.

Sunday morning. 10 a. m. There are at least one thousand people inside and outside the Sri Ayyappa Temple in MRC Nagar.

An hour later, that number has doubled.

And many of those present inside the temple and outside are not wearing masks, or some have dropped them on their chins and all of them are packed tight – social distance means nothing here.

Every year, at this time, especially on weekends the stream of devotees increases steeply – families and friends of people who are observing the rituals of a devotee also visit the temple.

But this season, since many pilgrims are avoiding the pilgrimage to Sabarimala, the rush at the MRC Nagar built by the Chettinad family which resides in the same zone has been big.

There is no evidence of people management at the gate or inside the temple campus. The only regulation is at the foot of the steps to the sannithi; some 25 people alone are allowed to climb up one set at a time.

The campus is crowded, bodies rubbing each other in many places. Outside, families serve food to their members and others. The shops are busy.

Spotted here are two police personnel. Traffic jams occur at the roundabout. Vans, bikes and cars are packed on the streetside in the environs.

Religious fervour overtakes the simple regulations people must follow at pandemic time in crowded spaces – such as at this temple site.



2 Comments on “Big rush at Sri Ayyappa Temple. Pandemic rules not observed.”

  1. The crowd management is literally nil in all places. People jostle to enter and leave. Pilgrims and devotees clump near images of saints and touch surfaces.
    On the New Years day, The scene at the back entrance to Santhome Cathedral was horrible. People came out after an earlier mass, and people going to the next mass were jostling and rubing on each other. Over and above the vehicular movement was causing danger,

    This is just one example.
    Buses are crowded and some people wait for long to get into empty or thinly crowded buses.
    Vegetable markets and grocery stores have already forgotten that pandemic is still not over…

    Masks are not worn by many causing risks to others.

    Truth is that many people have loosened their gaurd as some newspapers give misleading news that is understood as pandemic is over.

    Any truth is best deleted!!

  2. May be waiting for disaster. Government should have banned all places of worship, irrespective of religions before Christmas to Pongal. Sad

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