Temples zones crowded on Shivaratri night

All roads and streets in Mylapore led to the temples dedicated to lord Shiva on Thursday night as people celebrated Shivaratri.

And then, towards midnight these temple zones – be it around Sri Kapaleeswarar or Sri Veleeswarar temples or Sri Veerabadraswamy or Sri Maleeswaarar temples.

In some temples, people offered milk for the abhishekham but they did so by leaving milk sachets in receptacles – easy to do but generating lots of plastic for the night.

And as is still the case in temples and markets, few people wore masks.

One Comment on “Temples zones crowded on Shivaratri night”

  1. Sir
    Your mentioning of non adherence to wearing masks shows how callous our people are. I also see many photos in social media, of people moving about without wearing mask or adhering to social distancing. With elections around the corner we can expect more such things and huge crowds. I fear there may be spike in covid19 cases soon, if not authorities implement implement strict following restrictions.
    Some times, with covid19 cases showing increase in numbers, I feel we are getting ready for another lock down in near future, if we don’t follow precautions

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