This GCC hub in R. A. Puram serves the local community at pandemic time

In the heart of R. A. Puram there is one place that is a hub of activity most parts of the day. The nooks around the Ward 173 office of Chennai Corporation located off Kamaraj Salai.

On the edge of 7 a.m. some 100 plus Covid care workers assemble daily for a meeting at the Dharmambal Park of GCC off the main road. They will later move into colonies of R K Nagar, Greenways Road, Bishops Garden, KVB Gardens and Srinivasapuram.

The Amma Clinic, opened recently here is now fully into pandemic time work.  Yes, if you come by early you can get a virus test done here for free. But the team is assigned areas to camp out and offer their services in colonies. So it is out there in the backyard after 10 a.m.

There are a couple of autos here; they will be in use when people who must be moved out of home for a test are located b y the aid workers.

There is also a large taxi parked here, now labelled an Ambulance. This gets used when a patient is suggested hospital services and has to be moved.



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