Mylapore murder case: accused used bat, knife to kill the couple

Police investigating the  murder case in which a couple were murdered on Saturday morning at their residence in Dwaraka Colony, Mylapore say that their driver-cum-house-help had used a cricket bat and a knife to kill the man and his wife.

The police had exhumed the bodies of the murdered couple at their farm house near Mamallapuram, off the East Coast Road and a post mortem was conducted.

The accused had transported the dead couple in their car to the farm, where a pit had previously been dug by the driver, indicating that the crime was planned. The bodies were dumped in the pit and it was closed and the driver and his aide fled.

The accused, the couple’s driver and his aide, were arrested by police in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh after city police tracked their movement using data from toll plazas on the Padi – Andhra highway route.

  • Photo is of the accused in the murder case


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