Monsoon: many battered streets, roads remain unattended. MLA says work is being carried out 24×7.

This far, this monsoon, the focus of civic agencies and officials seems to be on ensuring that water does not flood on streets and roads and in colonies.

But one key issue seems to be bypassed this far – battered streets and roads.

Though GCC’s top officials have asked local teams to fill up pot-holed roads, little has been done for key streets that take heavy traffic.

Mylapore MLA Dha Velu, when briefed on this state, shared photos of workers repairing some inner streets in Mylapore. He says workers are working throughout the day and that he is inspecting areas that need attention.

But key, heavy duty traffic roads like R K Mutt Road ( south side), St. Mary’s Road ( east side) and Bazaar Road are in a mess. Large craters filled with water si what motorists negotiate today.

Inner streets in old parts of Mylapore are also in bad shape – example – Nattu Subbaraya Street.

Obviously, GCC workers are limited in number and resources and are stretched every day. But the battered streets expose the sub standard streets maintenance by the civic body.