Teru restaurant in Alwarpet presents ‘margazhi special’ of South Indian street food

Teru restaurant in Alwarpet has introduced a special meal combo celebrating the Marghazhi season. It promises the best of South Indian street food on a platter. And it can home deliver this too.

Here are three specials of the dozen that the menu offers now-

Mirapakaya Bajji: Andhra-style chickpea battered green chilies, stuffed with diced onions and coriander and sprinkled with lemon juice for that extra tang.

Chutney Paniyaram: Fluffy dumplings made of fermented urad dal and rice batter, filled with tomato onion chutney, diced onion, herbs and spices

Thattu Vada set: Salem’s treasured crispy flat fritters, slathered with tangy chutneys and sandwiching fresh veggies.

For home delivery, contact – 9150422232.

Anirudh Rao runs Teru.