1959 Fiat car: how to display it at Mylapore Festival 2024?

K. R. Jambunathan of Kallukaran Street, Mylapore is proud of a brass padi measure that his grandmother used in her life time.

“She would use it to measure salt and maavadu sold by street hawkers,” he says. “You could not trust the padi that hawkers carried and so she must have used her own.”

That padi has somehow remained in Jambunathan’s possession and he says he uses it rarely.

He now wants it to be displayed at the exhibition of all things old to be held as part of the Sundaram Finance Mylapore Festival in early January 2024.

He also plans to share a piece of handwork that was made some 110 years ago – artistic creations in wire and wood created inside a liquor bottle.

Narayani Ravikumar of Mylapore is offering to spare the 1959 registered Fiat 1100 car. “Yes, it is in good shape and recently, was the star attraction at a wedding when the couple drove in it,” she says.

A few Mylaporeans have called the Festival organisers to share details of objects they may want to spare for the show – kuja, cassette recorder, tharasu set and soda bottles.

The show needs about 25 items which Mylaporeans used in the 1950s – 70s. These will be displayed on four evenings of the festival and returned.

If you wish to share your very old kitchen vessel or black telephone set or a grandfather’s umbrella, call Shanthi at Mylapore Times – 2498 2244 ( 11 am to 5pm).

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