Nursery near Chitrakulam tank

On the bank of the Chitrakulam tank there is a nursery that has been selling saplings for the last five years.

A few months back while taking a stroll to pick up Banana leaf for festive lunch at home I came across this nursery located on Chitrakulam West Street.

The place is sheltered by a plastic tent and is owned by Sudhakaran. You can spot small rose plants with buds. Each plant is priced at Rs.25.

As part of my student reporter project I spoke with him about his shop.

This place is open all seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. You can shop for flower and medicinal plants like Mint and Aloe Vera. These saplings have been sourced from ECR Road.

Sudhakaran supplies for corporate projects and offers home delivery for bulk orders. He is planning to start a branch in Alwarpet.

Sudhakaran says that every Mylaporean should have a sapling planted at their houses to beat ‘Global Warming’.

He also offers guidance to set up a garden in your balcony. But sadly people don’t show much interest in growing plants as they reside in small houses and multi – storied apartment.

I was very surprised to hear about his though, when we students always discuss this in our classroom with our Geography teacher.

Sudhakaran can be reached at 99628 60401.

– Reported by Praveshika

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