Chain snatched from a woman near Chitrakulam

The robbery happened Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. near Chitrakulam. Ayisha was drawing a kolam outside her house here when two men on a bike snatched her chain weighing 9 sovereigns. The Mylapore police are looking into this.

2 Comments on “Chain snatched from a woman near Chitrakulam”

  1. there has been a spate of chain snatching and other theft related cases in this area… it is a fact that the area is poorly lit during late evening and early morning…. wonder what the ward councillors and the local MLA are doing? isn’t it high time they come and visit and do something instead of being there for photo ops at festivals/functions?

    wonder too what the mylapore police is really doing? there is very little info and communication too between the beat personnel and the locals…
    unless there is a network of collaboration sharing of info etc and involving the locals, the situation is bound to worsen.

    reuest the MT team to perhaps focus on this most urgent issue alongside other festivals and issues too..

    i live in this vicinity….and am ready to be a part of citizen-administration-police network.Revival of friends of police in a big way? community participation….. drastic measures are called for.

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