Police shocked at van serving cash at local ATMs moving around without proper documents

Searches of vehicles which police undertake during the run-up to elections can show up dark sides of people or of sloppy work ethics.

On Thursday night, when Mylapore police at work at the junction of Indian Bank at North Mada Street, Mylapore waved down a secured van and began the search, they were shocked.

This van is engaged by a private service provider to replenish currency at ATMs of banks in this part of the city and that evening it had ATMs in Mylapore to service.

Police say that there was only the driver and an attendant in the van and no senior staffer. These people did not have valid and complete documents that detailed their job work and the cash being carried and delivered and there was no sign of a security person in the van to fend off any criminal raid.

But police left go of the van and the staff after senior staffers of the agency rushed to the spot, provided the relevant papers and explained their case.

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